Carving by hand is one of the only professions that has not been (obviously never will be) taken over by machinery. We pride ourselves in this fact, and in the fact that this keeps our overheads low. Due to this we could have your finished sign delivered from as little as £20.00. Call for details !



Thank you for the interest in our service. At Griffdel Signs we hand carve all our signs. There are companies out there that manufacture wooden signs, but there is no machinery used in any part of our process (We even sharpen our chisel's by hand).


All our signs are made from best quality hardwood that is hand picked for it's colour, quality, and ability to give a flawless finish. The preferred materials usually come from Oak, Cherry, Ash or Beech. Other woods can be used on request. (We have carved a family crest out of great granma's old oak sideboard) The colour and finish are again, down to the customer. We guarantee all our work, whether it's a name plate on your sons bedroom, or on your home, or even your yacht !