Feel free to browse through the samples below. But please remember that we are highley skilled at carving,

not at photography. Due to this we can only say that our pictures never do our work justice.


The pictures to the right are a selection from the bespoke signs we have produced over the years. We have put them in three main sections plus there is a miscellaneous section. You can hover your mouse over each section and go forward and back with the arrows, then click on any picture you like and it will stop and expand.

If you do like something you see, we can recreate it to your specification, but if you dont see anything you like we can make it from scratch, which is what we love to do. As you can see, the only real common factor is that, clients see the pictures and like a particular font (type of text).

But please remember that , as everything is home made to order, you can have any type of text you wish, with any type of artwork to enhance it. We can recreate the artwork directly from the clients supplied art, photo or even just a description.

The finish to anything is the key to what anyone wants, that is, one person may love lots of vibrant colours, and the next person may think that defiles the pattern of the wood !  We are here for you and the art, whether you want us to carve and varnish for lasting effect, or to cover it in paint for a deferent effect, we love doing what we do and that care and attention to detail shows in everything we produce.

If you wish, we will send you (via email or post) a proof of the sign for you to look at before we pick up a chisel. Obviously if you have picked a font and just want numbers, this can be turned around very fast with no need of a proof to slow down the process.

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